Moving to Sedam
Moving to Sedam is easy. You just make temporary 
arrangements for a few days stay and then take the help of 
friends to search a good house to stay. Your need would be 
served within a week and you will be all set. 
Sedam offers all kinds of localities suitable to your taste and 
tradition. You may opt to stay in suburbs that is good with respect
to house designs. Else, you may opt to stay within the city 
that offers you a great community feeling. In either way you are
covered. City is relatively safe and crime is almost unheard of or 
may be petty to the max.  
Sedam houses good schools. Bal Bharathi Vidya Mandir and
other associated schools of Sri Kottala Basaveswahara 
Bharateeya Shikshana Samithi offer a great education. 
If you prefer medium of language to be English, you may 
chose Vivekananda School that is growing very rapidly. 
In addition, if you are looking for central school syllabus, 
you have Bharateeya Vidya Bhavan school at 
Kurkunta that is about 10 km from Sedam.
Sedam is very well connected by both road and train and the 
nearest airport is less than 4 hours. Direct bus and trains to 
cities like Gulbarga, Solapur, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune,  
Hyderabad make it a very convenient location to set up a  
new business as well. 
In summary, you are pretty much covered and if you are thinking of 
moving to a new smaller location at your will, you should consider
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November 8, 2004
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