Business and Economy
Sedam's economy is driven by the following entities.
Sedam is a house for Shahabad stones. Hundreds of quarries 
sell both rough and polished Shahabad stones. This sector 
over 10,000 people in the area. 
Toor Dal and Jawar are the prime crops of this region. Lately 
where water is available, sugar cane is also grown. In addition, 
tropical fruits are grown in the area.
Sedam houses two major cement factories - Vasavadatta Cement
at Sedam and Rajashree Cement at Malkhed. Both factories
produce premium Aditya brand and Rajashree brand of cements
and this cement is supplied nationwide. 
Lately handicraft has been growing as a major player in the area. 
Atleast over 100 artisans make various products and sell at
larger cities. This is expected to be one of the major exporters
in the future. 
Other Businesses
Various local and other micro economies play individually small 
but collectively large role in the local economy. 
Per capita income is currently lower than many other places. 
However with the new programs being planned, this is expected
to be significantly higher by 2009. Various plans have been 
put together for the growth. Fore more details about this and 
the other parts of Hyderabad Karnataka area, click here 
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